Author. Dream Life Creator. Mompreneur.



My name’s Hannah Chambers. 

I’m a writer. And I’ve done pretty much everything. Really. From course creation and hundreds of product descriptions for Amazon and Overstock when I was fresh out of college to ghost writing books and blogs. Which means I’m really good at writing. All kinds of writing.

Now, though, I focus on what I’m really passionate about: my mystery novels (I’m finally being published!!!!!) and helping YOU create your own story. Your own ideal life, and business, just like I’ve created mine!

Now, let me tell you a little secret: I didn’t always think I could touch lives and change the world through writing.

Really, all I wanted to do was travel. You see, I grew up traveling the world with my parents. In fact, I was more familiar with Hong Kong, Thailand, and India than I was with most of the United States when I was in school. By the time I was a teenager I was in love…with exotic locals, silk, and curries! 

When I learned in high school that I could share my adventures and imaginative stories with people around the world, and connect with people across the globe from the comfort of my bedroom floor……then I fell in love with writing! I finally saw how powerful of a tool it was for shaping my life and my future. My love deepened when I discovered that I have a talent for turning mundane words into sparkling and powerful sentences. I mean, who doesn’t love creating beauty in a way that comes easily to them?! 

So I raced off to college to major in English instead of International Business. Since I dislike doing most things the conventional way, I literally studied night and day and earned my English BA in about a year and a half. At the age of 19. (No….I’m not goal oriented or anything……) While earning my degree I discovered that I don’t particularly like writing technical manuals or 1,000 product descriptions a weekend. I really do love writing stories, though: my stories, and your stories. 

You see, my years of travel gave me an unlimited supply of stories that I could weave into conversations, blog posts, and even books! (Who doesn’t casually converse about nearly falling off the back of an elephant while riding it up the hill to an ancient royal palace in India?) I promise you – I’m never short of words of my own. Except after a REALLY long day with my non-stop-talking toddler. But that’s a whole other story! My globe trotting childhood also have me another gift: the knowledge that absolutely everyone has a brilliant, dreamy story of their own. Just not everybody can recognize the story when they are living it. Or figure out how to change the plot line (aka, life) to aline with their dreams. As an author, who has discovered how to live her dream life, I must say I’m pretty good at changing all sorts of plot lines. 😉

Since college, I’ve successfully run a copy writing business of my own where I have managed clients’ blogs, ghost written books, crafted even more product descriptions…..and honed my craft. Plus I’ve written a couple unpublished novels. Before getting my first publishing contract this year!!!! Now, I am focusing on what I love: writing stories. By giving you the tools to create your own stories (because I know you have – are living – some amazing ones!), my daily stories of travel and adventure and motherhood, and the stories that live and breath in my imagination. 

Enough about work, though! As an entrepreneur, work is kind of a huge part of my life – it’s one of my passions! – but I do have a few more things I love doing besides writing! 

For starters, I’m married to the love of my life and my favorite travel and adventure partner! He is currently getting his own business up and running, so schedules can be a little crazy around here sometimes. I’m also a mother to a very strong willed and passionate little girl. (She’s 2 right now – I can’t believe how quickly time goes by.) And I love every minute I get to spend with her! Which, according to her decree, is practically every waking moment. So, when I’m not working, I’m usually playing princesses and having dress up tea parties. Or keeping my little fish’s head above water. Plus, I am currently expecting our second child, set to appear on the scene at the end of 2018!

I must say, while I had a lot more time before my daughter was born, motherhood has made me a productivity queen! That said….I don’t have much time for hobbies any more. When I do indulge in a smidge of me-time, though, you’ll find me rejuvenating myself through connecting with my dear friends (and helping my daughter connect with hers through play dates and parties!). You’ll also find me working out (I just discovered after years of hating the gym that I actually love working out in my living room!) and discovering new and delicious paleo and whole-30 recipes that will tempt both my husband AND my toddler. Of course, my favorite way to relax and indulge myself is by reading! Ah….I work all day towards that coveted half hour before bed! 

If you want to hear some of my daily stories, communication tips, and tricks for creating your ideal life and business, then head on over to my blog! For travel, adventure, and a peek into my very real and sometimes raw life, check me out on Instagram! And of course, please chat away with me where ever you see me: my blog, Insta, or Facebook! I can’t wait to get to know YOU better! 

Let’s create a dreamy life together, beautiful!

~Hannah 💖