Strategic Planner. Author. Mompreneur.

Hannah Chambers

Hannah Chambers

Strategic Planner. Author. Mompreneur.




Are you passionate about travel and adventure? Adore exploring new countries and cultures? Looking for a little encouragement in this crazy adventure we call life (and, boy, is it crazy with young kids!)? Ready to live a fuller, dreamier life, yet aren’t sure how and where to start?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to my online world!

My name is Hannah Chambers. I am a world traveler, author, mom to a super passionate and strong-willed toddler with a mother baby on the way. And a dreamer. (You have to be a dreamer to be a successful novelist!) I would love to welcome you into my virtual home, pour you a glass of wine (or a cup of tea at the moment), and invite you to sit down with me. Curl your feet up onto my super large and comfortable cigar-lounge-styled sofas. Pick up a book – literally (in just a few short months my first novel will be released)! And dream with me.

Dream with me of fabulous destinations: from the stunning beauty called Ireland to exotic and gem-filled Thailand. And dream with me about life. The beautiful, sparkling details that make up your dream life! And your dream business. (That is, if you are an entrepreneur like me…which you most certainly don’t have to be to be happy!)

Let me take you on a tour of my virtual home!

Here you will find travel heavy, fascinating, culture-filled mystery novels that will take you places you have only dreamed of (or maybe you dream of returning to)! You will also discover my own, secret tool for living a dreamy life. That’s right – I live my dream life, and you can too. Right now. Just head on over to the Dream Life page!

If you are longing for a dose of encouragement, some dream-life creation and positive communication tips, or just some funny stories of that star my type-A husband and I as we travel around the world (and the country) and just live life with our strong-willed and hilarious toddler….then head on over to my blog!

I can’t wait to get to get to know you and head off on a journey of realizing our dreams together! Please explore, leave any questions and comments on my blog posts that you wish, or just head to straight to the adventures and dream life you long for! And just remember: you’ve got this, beautiful! 💖