Copy Stylist. Author. Mompreneur.

Hannah Chambers

Hannah Chambers

Copy Stylist. Author. Mompreneur.




You’re talented! Passionate! Creative!

You’re full of ideas. Amazing at what you do in your business. And your brilliance will be life changing for your audience.

The problem is… are having trouble reaching your audience. The traffic to your website is low. Only a small percentage of the people that do end up at your website turn into customers. You feel invisible on social media and sometimes wonder if anyone is reading your blog posts.

“Why is this happening to me?!” you wonder as you stare forlornly at your google analytics report. And your income report.

The answer might not be what you expect.

You see, no matter how amazing your ideas and products and services are, none of that matters unless you can communicate your message effectively. If people don’t know who you are, what you will do for them to make their life better, and how you are different from everyone else out there….they won’t visit your website, and they won’t purchase from you.

So what are you to do, you wonder?

This is where I come in!

I style your copy for you. If you are struggling to create a precise home page that is still full of personality, I’m your girl. I’ll write it for you. (And I’ll write your other important pages too!) Once I’ve touched it, your website wording will sparkle! Plus, I will help you create your own, personalized style guide just for YOU! That’s right. A guide that will let you express your brilliant ideas in words that really sound like you……every single time you write a blog post (or email…..or press release…..).

And we can do all of this (and more!) together RIGHT NOW! From the comfort of your living room couch. Or your home office. Or car. (I might have used my car as an office as a time or two – a mom has to do what a mom has to do!)

I’ve had my own successful copy writing business for 6 years. (Ever since earning my English BA!) Writing the blogs and websites of many different clients. Crafting hundreds of product advertisements for websites such as Amazon and Overstock. Plus, I am a mystery writer (my first book will be released in the next few months!). All of which means I’m REALLY good at writing. And at figuring out other people’s voices. YOUR voice. That unique, beautiful personality you need to have shine through the words on your website!

Now that we’ve covered a little bit of the WHO I am, the WHAT I do, the WHEN, and the WHERE, head on over to this page right here to find out HOW I can help you create the perfect website wording that really sounds like you. And that draws in your dreamy, ideal clients! To find out more about the WHO (moi!), head on over to my beautiful about page right here.

Now, please do give yourself the present of blissful serenity and discover how I can help you style your website copy. And reach your dream clients! And grow your business to dreamy proportions! (All you have to do is click here 😉)